Do you have spaces that need a fresh, new scent? Try one of our Freshies in your car, closet or any other small space. Available in a variety of fabulous fragrances; each Freshie is scented with a high quality fragrance oil and colored with synthetic mica. Shape and design may vary.
A Toast To You – The perfect mix of berries & champagne with a splash of tangerine. Cheers! (Pearly white)
Black Amber & Lavender – A warm and sensual blend of lavender, vanilla, amber and patchouli. So good! (Dark Purple)
Blue Capri – A scrumptious fragrance that captures the perfect blend of coconut, pineapple, and sunshine! A tropical island escape. (Medium Blue)
Crushed – Delicious top notes of pistachio & almond, lovely middle notes of heliotrope & jasmine, and fabulous base notes of caramel, vanilla, salt & sandalwood. We love it!! (Teal/Blue)
Lemongrass Mint – Lemon verbena, mint, and lemongrass mingle together in this cool, citrus blend. (Light Teal)
Moroccan Sands – A classic, clean blend of carnation with warm, powdery sandalwood and musk. (Copper)
Mother of Dragons – Fit for a queen! Peach, violet, and muguet are harmoniously blended with a dragon’s breath of bergamot, orange, and gardenia, then finished with vanilla bourbon and sandalwood for a wonderful scent that lingers. (Rusty Red)
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey – A delicious blend of oatmeal, raw honey, tonka bean, whipped vanilla cream and almond milk. Fabulous!! (Light Gold)
Ocean & Vetiver – A fresh, clean blend with notes of sea air, seaweed, night-blooming jasmine, and vetiver. This is a strong, lasting scent! (Dark Green)
Passionfruit & Nectarine – A tantalizing fusion of passionfruit nectar and juicy nectarine slices with notes of ripe mango, lemon zest, rome apple and plumeria. (Dark Pink)
Serendipity – A delicious blend of wild cherry and fresh apple on a bed of coconut, sprinkled with vanilla and brown sugar. Yummy! (Blue-Teal)
Spearmint Eucalyptus – an invigorating blend of spearmint, eucalyptus, peppermint and ginger. (Dark Green)
Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper – A delightful combination of bergamot, sweet orange, and tangerine with hints of black pepper, chili powder, and warm musk. Sweet & spicy! (Orange)
Southern Gent – Top notes of bergamot and citrus, with sultry oak moss, amber, and lavender in a woody base. An iconic southern gentleman! (Dark Blue)
Southern Lady – A sophisticated berry fragrance that harmoniously blends notes of apple, magnolia, melon, and sugar crystals. (Bright Purple)
Sunshine – A delightful citrus fragrance with notes of tropical fruit, water, and musk. (Peach)
Texas Tux – Classy notes of mandarin, cardamom, black pepper, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, and musk. A stunning oriental woody blend with a cool citrus kick! (Black)

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Freshie care:
– Use in any small space, like a closet or car.
– Do not place on delicate surfaces as it contains oils and micas that could stain.
– Do not allow children or pets to handle or place in mouth.
– Do not eat.
– Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
– Do not place in a wax burner or attempt to melt.
– If needed, store in a sealed plastic bag.


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