Mechanic’s Granite Soap

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This scrub bar is made specially to help get the grease and grime off!

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Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, goat milk, palm kernel oil, sodium hydroxide, pumice powder, ground coffee, castor oil, activated charcoal, orange peel powder, essential oils (sweet orange, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, litsea cubeba)

1 review for Mechanic’s Granite Soap

  1. Cherie

    We got this bar for my husband, he is a mechanic. Its been hard to find something that really gets the oil and grim off his hands. Without leaving them still looking dirty and dry. This bar did just that. His hand feel better much softer and are finally clean, plus the smell is wonderful as well. I cant say enough great things about this soap. You can see the work and thought that was put into it. If you are thinking about it, just buy it you will not be disappointed!

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